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Lauren Stephens
Pahá Sápa
(3:45) - for solo piccolo - 2015

to be premiered by Amy Likar, October 2015

Beyond Duality
(16:00) - for soprano and ensemble - 2005
downloads: soprano - flute - clarinet - percussion
violin - cello - score (piano part) - mp3
Recorded in recital, February 12, 2005, Bellefield Hall
Diba Alvi, soprano, Peggy Yoo, flute, Kathleen Costello,
clarinet, Leah Givelber, violin, Aaron Zelkowicz, cello,
Robert Frankenberry, piano, Michael Laubach, percussion,
and Roger Zahab, conductor

In the Land of Nod
I. R.E.M. - II. What began as blissful slumber ... - III. To Sleep, To Dream
(16:30) - quintet for woodwinds - 2001
downloads: score - email for parts
Recorded in recital, May 5, 2001, Ludwig Recital Hall, Kent
Jacquie Zarach, flute, Rebekah Siegler, oboe,
Wendy Hartzheim, clarinet, Nick Reardon, alto saxophone,
Natalia Nicolini, bassoon, with Stephens conducting

"God, Grant Me the Serenity ..."
(6:26), for flute and piano - 2000
downloads: flute - piano - soundcloud
Recorded in recital, March 31, 2000, Ludwig Recital Hall, Kent
Lauren Pedersen (Stephens), flute, and Donna Oberlin, piano

Impression No. 1: The Siren's Song
(5:14) - for solo flute - 1988
Premiered by Amy Likar, Ludwig Recital Hall, December 1988
Revision performed by Ellen Shirley, Ludwig Recital Hall, May 1989

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